The importance of getting ready photos

When you think of getting ready photos on a wedding day maybe the first things that come to mind are robes, half done hair, and make up brushes. Sure, those things might be part of it, but if that doesn’t fit your vibe and you’re considering cutting out this part of your day entirely, hang on! These can be some of the most fun photos to look back on.

Let’s start at the beginning

When you think about looking back on your wedding day and the photos, you should be able to see the story of the day. Getting ready photos are the beginning of that story. They help set the scene, you’re not just BOOM all of a sudden at the ceremony, you have all of these “pre” emotions documented. Its also, often times, the first time the couple and the photographer meet in person! Tons of communication leading up to your day is great, but it can be intimidating to have this new person there with a camera. Starting with getting ready photos helps everyone get comfortable and ease into the day.

If you chose it, it matters

Regardless of how big or small your wedding or elopement day is, there are details that you and your partner have carefully chosen. These can be documented throughout the day, but its also really special to have all the details documented before the get used and/or put on. Leaving time for photos of details really highlights all of the special elements you’ve chosen for your day. If you’re wondering how you can add lots of special touches to a smaller wedding or elopement check out this post here.

More than mimosas

Getting ready might not even be the right term to use anymore- pre ceremony is a bit more accurate. Many couples have said things along the lines of “well we’re not having  professional hair/make up” or “its going to be really simple”, but that doesn’t mean this time isn’t worth documenting! What does your dream morning with your partner look like? Imagine doing all of those things together on such a meaningful morning, and having photos of them to look back on. And in case no one has told you yet- it is completely possible to have a non intrusive/awkward photography experience. You can also include other things in this time that aren’t just the traditional “getting ready’ part. These can be any activities you want to do before the ceremony, whether with your partner, family, or friends. Write your vows into your vow book, drink coffee and listen to music, have a dance party, snuggle your dog, play soccer, do face masks, go skiing- its all an option!


Catch a vibe

The pre ceremony part is not just about activities, but about all the emotions that come on a wedding day. Putting on your wedding attire on your wedding day hits different. It makes it real. Yes, you’ve probably tried on that dress or suit a million times by now (especially if you’ve had alterations done), but it feels different when you put it on with everything together on your wedding day. That moment matters. If you have friends or family with you, seeing their reaction to you is amazing, and it matters. If you choose to get ready with your partner and you help each other get ready, those moments can be super tender and sweet. They matter. Those emotions are part of your day, part of your story. How special is it to have those years from now to look back on.

Both partners matter

First things first: there’s not always a bride and there’s not always a groom. This applies to any and all couples. In any relationship both partners matter and getting ready need to be documented equally. But when there is both a bride and groom, there seems to be this belief that the focus of the day is totally on the bride. It takes two people to get married and the groom matters just as much. Those sweet, silly moments, like learning to tie a tie with his brother via Youtube video, or putting on special cuff links, or using the car as a mirror are all part of the story.


  1. […] Its traditional on wedding days for each partner to get ready separately and then wait until the first look or ceremony to see each other, but you don’t have to follow tradition! Getting ready together doesn’t mean you have to help each other get dressed (although it can), it means spending the time before your ceremony together. Maybe drinking coffee together or writing your vows into your vow books, packing up your backpacks or eating snacks. Doing all these things together and then putting on your wedding attire separately (so you can still have that first look moment), is a fun way to get to spend time with your almost spouse and help with any nerves the two of you may have. Getting ready photos are super underrated and a really important part of your day. You can read more about getting ready photos here. […]

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