How to add personal touches to your elopement day

December 7, 2020

Elopement days are super personal in and of themselves- they are so much about the couple and the couple’s love story. The location, the attire, and the activities of the day make every elopement unique, there’s a couple places where you can really allow your personalities to shine. While elopements might not have all the frills of a traditional wedding day (think centerpieces, décor, even wedding party) there are still so many ways to add extra personal touches to your wedding day.

Write your own vows or private letters

No seriously- do it. Even if you have an officiant, writing your own vows is such a personal, romantic way to express your love for your partner. They don’t have to be super serious- they can totally have funny things in them. But who better to write about how much you love your partner besides you? If you’re not super comfortable with having anyone overhear your vows or speaking out loud, write each other personal letters that you exchange at some point during the day. The emotions that written words bring out are so beautifully true and raw. You can even make writing the vows and/or letters part of your elopement day and just let the emotions flow. There are so many gorgeous personalized vow books out there that makes this detail extra beautiful.



You might not think of this, but bouquets are deeply personal and show off so much personality. They can be whimsical, structured, romantic, boho, and anything in between (plus more!). They can be such a unique piece of your elopement day. Even if you’re hiking to your elopement destination, its super easy to  bring the bouquet along either carefully in a backpack, or using wiring to attach it to the outside of a pack. If fresh flowers don’t fit what you’re looking for, there are tons of other materials including wood, silk, and dried flowers that are just as beautiful!



Personalized gifts

Surprise your new spouse with a personal gift! This could be anything from a tangible item to an experience. Magically make their favorite beer or appear, give them a special touch to add to their wedding day attire (like cuff links or jewelry), or even an item that they loved from childhood. Even a poem or a song is amazing if that’s your thing! (ps did you know there’s amazing people on Instagram that will help you custom write things like this?!)



Sam’s cufflinks were a gift from his now wife, Lexi. They have penguins on them because penguins mate for life!


Jewelry and accessories

Jewelry and accessories that mean something are a super easy way to add to your elopement day. There are so many options here- fun socks, charms with photos added to a bouquet, custom cuff links, jewelry with a  loved ones hand writing are all things you can do to add extra meaning and, in a way, include people that might not be able to physically be a part of your day. You can also have custom jackets (leather or jean jackets are so cool) that add a pop of personality!




Signs, champagne glasses, cute banners are all fun ways to commemorate your day! Add your wedding date or your new last name for a custom touch!


Letters from loved ones

Letters are a great way to include people you love, without them being physically present. You can have as many or as few as you want. This can also be great for helping people feel like their still a part of your day if you’re doing a no guest elopement.


  1. […] Regardless of how big or small your wedding or elopement day is, there are details that you and your partner have carefully chosen. These can be documented throughout the day, but its also really special to have all the details documented before the get used and/or put on. Leaving time for photos of details really highlights all of the special elements you’ve chosen for your day. If you’re wondering how you can add lots of special touches to a smaller wedding or elopement check out this post here. […]

  2. […] If you’re choosing to elope just the two of you, or if a dear family member/friend is not able to be with you on your wedding day, having special details sent from that person can make it feel as thought their with you in spirit. This can be as simple as a letter they write for you two to read on your day, but it can also be a specific item, like having them make a bouquet, or including a framed photo pin of them, or eating their chocolate chip cookies during your day. For even more details on adding personal touches to your elopement day, check out this post! […]

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