Garden of the Gods Elopement- Jessica & Josh

Jessica and Josh always knew they wanted to elope. They wanted a day that felt authentically them with no pressure to do things a certain way. The couple came all the way from Florida to exchange vows in a sunset ceremony at Garden of the Gods on 11/11- they’re wish come true. The couple met 3 years ago while on a committee together. They were supposed to meet to work on a project, but Jessica’s car broke down and Josh changed her alternator for her. Is that straight out of a novel or what?

We met at the trailhead to the location the couple had chosen to exchange vows. Josh had told me ahead of time that they had some personal things they wanted to incorporate into their ceremony and elopement day, so I was prepared to help carry things. What I wasn’t prepared for was Jessica’s shoes. She was wearing beautiful stiletto heels. She proceeded to totally¬†rock the walk up the trail in her wedding dress and heels; not complaining even once. And also not falling, which to me (someone who trips on flat ground), was the most impressive. On our walk up Jessica told me about how Josh had planned the whole day for her. How he had arranged for bouquet and her hair and make up appointment and picked their location. They were so excited to be getting married.

elopement florals and details

Josh proposed to Jessica under the giant guitar at the Hardrock in Hollywood after they went to see Chris Angel. Their idea of a perfect weekend is driving somewhere, anywhere the road takes them. These two were all about adventure!

When we got to the top the sun was giving us the perfect golden hour glow. The couple exchanged personal written vows surrounded by red rock spires. Josh and Jessica had each gotten each other a personalized gift- a puzzle and a compass. The puzzle was because they build and fit together, and the compass was to represent life’s adventure.

couple exchanging vows in garden of the gods

first kiss at elopement

We headed to our second location and as the sun set, the rock formations because jagged outlines against the sky. The park was basically empty at this point and it felt so magical to have the whole area to ourselves. Josh and Jessica soaked in the sunset and shared their first dance in the headlights of their car. Then they headed off to Breckenridge for their mini honeymoon!

elopement details

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