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Adventure used to scare me. Change used to scare me. Following my own path used to scare me. Then, halfway through my senior year of college, I decided I wanted to move across the country from Virginia to Colorado. I realized I didn't have to follow anyone's path but my own and well....the mountains were calling. I didn't know anyone in Colorado, I just knew it was where I was meant to be. Taking that leap, being "unsafe" and "non traditional" was the best decision I ever made. I've been living my own adventure ever since. 

 I love to explore the state and go hiking, backpacking, and snowshoeing as much as I can. My favorite post hike tradition by far is really good pizza and cold root beer. I will probably talk about my dogs and cats a little too much and definitely make at least one reference to the Office or Parks and Rec. 
I have a degree in sociology because I'm totally nosey and really love to try and understand what makes people the way they are. I'm also a 2 on the enneagram (the helper) which means I care a lot about genuine connection and making people feel good.  

Hi! I'm Sam.

Follow your own path

I learned so much by living my own adventure and doing what I knew was going to make me happy instead of what was easy or expected. I'm not a head in the clouds person. I like to think things through and plan. But I've discovered that creating a life I want and being sensible are not mutually exclusive. I found freedom, peace, and happiness because I followed my heart. 
Now I get to help couples experience the absolute rush that following their own path and living their adventure are. What better way to start married life than having the best day ever with your partner? A day that's not restrictive, but instead leaves the two of you free to do whatever your hearts desire.  How empowering is that?

Yeah pictures are cool but...

Your experience is about so much more than photos! Its about focusing on what matters most- you, your partner, and your love story. I'm there to help showcase you and your love. To help plan everything from outfits, to vendors, locations, timelines and more. We'll definitely get epic photos and you'll feel confident, beautiful, and a tiny bit badass in front of the camera while we do it. Let's adventure in a way that's authentically you. 

lets adventure together!

Sam was great! So responsive. She took me and my wife to the coolest spots in Garden of the Gods. Our wedding was picture perfect and it was all thanks to Sam. We had photos in sunlight, golden hour, and blue hour and each turned out amazing. The prices and quality were so much better than any other photographer in Colorado. We will be using Sam in the future as well as recommend her to everyone in need of a photographer.


Don't just take it from me...

My approach to photos is all about story telling. I want you to be able to look at your photos and immediately feel back in the moment and relive all the emotions, whether that's a few days after or 20 years later. Your experience should be about the two you, and I think its so important to not have a one size fits all template for couples that makes you feel boxed in.
Instead, we work together to create a day centered around you; to make it your version of "the best day ever". I'm here to help you plan from start to finish and feel loved, supported, and yourselves on your day. I really believe little things add up to be big things and I pay attention to the details. So whether that's recommending a good pair of microspikes, mountain top hair touch ups, or helping carry the train of the dress, I have your back on your day.

The experience

I am so excited to meet you!

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Yes, I'm LGBTQ+ Friendly. Inclusion & diversity matter to me. Feeling loved and supported on your day is for everyone. 

PHOTOS by Samantha Immer