If there's one thing I know- Its the mountains 


(and maybe one too many Office and Parks and rec quotes)

I love Colorado, I love our mountains, and I especially love getting to share and experience them with couples on their wedding days. Hiking and car camping are two of my main hobbies, but when I’m home, I love to research. Colorado just has so much to offer- I spend a ton of time on Google Maps and AllTrails doing adventure research, creating lists, and keeping meticulous track of what I find. I want to be that person that knows the mountains. I mean seriously, I have a document on my computer that tracks things like dates the wildflowers bloomed in the last three years, when the last snow melted, and when to expect fall colors. I love being able to recommend the cutest mountain towns and coffee shops and breweries, and I’m always the person that friends text saying “here’s what I’m looking for, what hike should I do?”

It still feels surreal that I now get to use all that mountain knowledge to do my favorite things- take photos, and help people create their dream wedding day. I fell into photography a little by accident, first picking up a camera because I wanted to take pictures of my dogs and I in the mountains. I wanted to try and do justice to the incredible places I was hiking to, and a phone just wasn’t cutting it. Then, my friend's boyfriend asked me to photograph their proposal. When I saw the joy that the images brought them, I knew that this was what I was meant to do. I love being able to see the joy photos bring to people and I love being able to document people in a way that makes them feel seen and special - that's not something we get enough of in our adult lives.

Elopement days are so personal- it's never lost on me what a big deal it is to be a part of them. I love being able to make small differences in a wedding day. Helping everyone feel comfortable, keeping track of time so you don't have to, helping people remember to breathe and be in the moment. Stepping in to put in veils, pin boutonnieres, carry things, be in charge of starting the music. Basically helping two people feel what its like to be rockstars- because your wedding IS all about you, and that is a GOOD thing. 

The mountains are where i spend most of my free time- I can completely attest to how amazing and transformative they are. 

A couple of years ago, I did something a little crazy. And my life has never been the same since. College graduation really made me look at where my path was headed, I knew I wanted something a little different than many of classmates plans. After living on the East Coast my whole life, my adventure-seeking heart wanted to take me somewhere further. Somewhere different, where I could do something for myself and myself only. I wanted to do something not because other people wanted me to do it, but because I wanted to do it.

So, I picked up and moved to Colorado without knowing a soul! The high mountain air and alpenglow never gets old. Days spent admiring wildflowers in Collegiate Peaks Wilderness with my dogs or checking out a cute coffee shop in my hometown of Colorado Springs are exactly what I dreamed of when I packed my bags. And I know I have this full life out here all because I took that risky, daring, totally insane first step.

You lovely pair of fiancés are on the same precipice of decision-making that I was back then! You’re about to embark on a new journey—although it’s marriage rather than a post-college move. And you’re faced with a choice: do you go the traditional route with a venue that's going to tell you how your day has to look? Or do you do something a little different? A little more you?


So, whether you’re planning an intimate elopement or a grand wedding day, toss aside tradition wherever it doesn’t feel right. Get rid of the high heels and swap them for hiking boots (I’m Leave No Trace certified, so I’ll show you how to tread lightly!). Grab a Hydro Flask and fill it with champagne. Say “I do” with the sunset blazing behind you, and have your first dance under the Milky Way. Throw out all your preconceived notions about what a wedding should be, and instead turn it into something entirely your own. Make the day a celebration of the two of you and your love for each other. Because that’s what this whole wedding thing should be about—you.


“On the day of the wedding, she kept the timeline on track and did so much more than I ever expected from my wedding photographer. I couldn’t stop staring at the photos, and I will always treasure those memories. My husband isn’t a big fan of taking pictures, but Sam made everything feel so natural and comfortable that he actually enjoyed taking pictures. I have had multiple people tell me you can see the love and happiness in our eyes from the photos she took.”


I learned so much by living my own adventure and doing what I knew was going to make me happy instead of what was easy or expected. I'm not a head in the clouds person. I like to think things through and plan. But I've discovered that chasing after dreams and being sensible are not mutually exclusive. 

Following my heart brought me freedom, peace, and happiness, and now I have the privilege of helping couples experience the same exhilaration of blazing their own trails and living their own adventure. What better way to embark on married life than by sharing in the best day ever with your partner, a day that's not bound by restrictions, but instead allows the two of you the freedom to do exactly what your hearts desire? That kind of empowerment is truly priceless. 

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