How to make your elopement day special

February 14, 2023

Elopements are already unique because you’re choosing to get married in an intentional way. Think of your elopement as a whole wedding day! Its more than just your ceremony and a few photos. One of the best thing about elopement days is being able to do whatever you want- but that can also be one of the most overwhelming too. Here are some ideas on how to make your elopement day even more special!

Include the people you love

Eloping doesn’t just have to be the two of you! Including close friends or family members can really help both of you feel loved and supported on your elopement day. You can include guests in all or part of your day and you’ll need to have a reservable space for groups over 15. The most important thing, if you’re choosing to include guests, is to include people who will add only positive things to your experience.

Bring your animals

For most people, their animals are family. Having your pet with you on your wedding day might be the thing that makes the day feel complete. Your dog can come with you on a hike and witness your ceremony or your cat can be waiting for you back at your Airbnb! If you want to include your pet(s) on your wedding day, make sure you choose animal friendly locations and make sure your animals are equipped to handling a day where their in a new environment for most of it.

Get ready together

Its traditional on wedding days for each partner to get ready separately and then wait until the first look or ceremony to see each other, but you don’t have to follow tradition! Getting ready together doesn’t mean you have to help each other get dressed (although it can), it means spending the time before your ceremony together. Maybe drinking coffee together or writing your vows into your vow books, packing up your backpacks or eating snacks. Doing all these things together and then putting on your wedding attire separately (so you can still have that first look moment), is a fun way to get to spend time with your almost spouse and help with any nerves the two of you may have. Getting ready photos are super underrated and a really important part of your day. You can read more about getting ready photos here.

Try out a new activity

Your elopement day can be as adventurous as you want it to be! Including a totally new activity like off roading, kayaking, hot air ballooning, helicopter ride, dog sledding, taking a sleigh ride, etc. is an amazing way to celebrate your marriage. Having a new experience together, especially on your elopement day, can be totally exhilarating.

Do something you both love

In total contrast to trying out a new activity, doing something you both already love can really make your day feel like you. Whether that’s something outdoorsy like hiking, skiing, or paddleboarding or something more relaxing like going to a brewery, enjoying pizza by candlelight, or watching the sunset including things you love on your elopement day is sure to make it feel special.

Bring special details from friends and family

If you’re choosing to elope just the two of you, or if a dear family member/friend is not able to be with you on your wedding day, having special details sent from that person can make it feel as thought their with you in spirit. This can be as simple as a letter they write for you two to read on your day, but it can also be a specific item, like having them make a bouquet, or including a framed photo pin of them, or eating their chocolate chip cookies during your day. For even more details on adding personal touches to your elopement day, check out this post!

Have an awesome dessert

We don’t often let ourselves indulge in really decadent desserts during our every day life. Getting an amazing cake, pie, or other type of baked good can make your wedding day just a bit sweeter. Lots of bakeries have different sizes so you don’t have to worry about ending up with tons and tons of leftovers!

Take time to celebrate

One of the awesome things about elopement days is getting to take time to pause and soak things in. An elopement is more than an all day photoshoot. Plan time to pause and celebrate this momentous occasion- watch the sunset, pop champagne, drink a beer, eat your favorite snack, or take the time for a whole dinner cooked by a private chef. Dance under the stars, twirl through a meadow, or watch the birds. Anything that allows you to feel fully present on your day is a must!

Make your ceremony personal

There’s plenty of ceremony templates to be found online, but nothing evokes emotion like sharing your own vows. Worried about other people hearing? If you are including guests, you can still take time away to yourselves to share private vows, before holding a regular ceremony after. Not including guests and wondering if its going to be weird to have your photographer hear your vows? Ask them what lenses they use! Many photographers use zoom lenses for ceremonies so they can stand far back, but look like they’re up close. Other ways to make your ceremony special are doing things like a knot tying ceremony, a ring warming ceremony, reading passages of things that you love. Get creative- like making a sandwich together instead of lighting a unity candle. You can make it as simple or elaborate, serious or whimsical as you want!

Choose wedding attire you love

You don’t have to go traditional! Choose wedding attire you feel amazing in. The dress can be a favorite color instead of white, go with a cape instead of a veil, maybe you’ve always dreamed of wearing a flower crown. Choose a cool patterned shirt or wear sandals instead of dress shoes. There’s no wrong way to go! Let your personalities shine through your fashion choices.

Stay out after dark

The fun doesn’t have to end after the sun goes down! Staying out during blue hour or even as late as when the stars come out, is a chance to slow down and get close. Looking at the sky in wilderness areas is totally different from looking at it in the city.


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