How to keep your elopement from feeling like an all day photoshoot

December 28, 2022

An all day elopement is a type of wedding celebration in which a couple chooses to forgo a traditional wedding ceremony and reception in favor of a more intimate and personal celebration. This can take the form of a simple ceremony with just the couple and a few close friends or family members, or it can be a more elaborate event with a full day of activities and celebrations. Overall though, elopements are about celebrating this life milestone in a way that feels fun and authentic to the couple.

Elopements are wonderful for the flexibility they offer. Eloping really allows you to tailor the day to your own interests and preferences, rather than being limited by a traditional wedding timeline. It might seem a bit daunting to plan an elopement day that’s 4, 6, or even 8 hours long, but it goes by so fast! Your wedding day is more than just your ceremony and a few photos after. A longer elopement day should not be just 8 hours of posed photos; it should be a day filled with moments that celebrate the two of you!

The first step in ensuring your elopement day doesn’t feel like a non-stop photoshoot is to plan activities! This part is important for so many reasons. Incorporating activities into an elopement day can help make the celebration feel more personal and meaningful to you and your partner. Activities can also add variety and interest to the day, focusing on interaction and real moments rather than tons of more directed couple photos.

Some ideas for activities during an elopement day might include:

  • A hike or nature walk to a beautiful or meaningful location
  • A visit to a local attraction or destination
  • An adventurous non hiking activity like kayaking or off-roading
  • Making a meal together
  • Stargazing
  • Dancing
  • A leisurely picnic or outdoor meal
  • A wine tasting or brewery tour
  • A cooking or baking class
  • A recreational activity, such as golfing or horseback riding

By planning activities that align with your interests and passions, it’s possible to create a truly unique and memorable elopement day. Activities can also be a great opportunity for the two of you (and any included guests) to relax and enjoy each other’s company, rather than feeling rushed or stressed by a more traditional wedding schedule.

Ultimately, the importance of activities on an elopement day will depend on the preferences and needs of of you and your significant other. Some couples may prefer a more laid-back, leisurely celebration, while others may want a more action-packed and adventurous day. There is no right answer! Elopements are for everyone and should be enjoyed however you want. Take into account your own priorities and preferences and plan activities that add joy and significance to your elopement day.


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