Evergreen small wedding- Carrie & Austin

Summer in Colorado is usually sunny in the mornings with storms in the late afternoon. Carrie and Austin had planned a sweet and simple sunset wedding with their family at a gorgeous VRBO, but the weather had us changing plans last minute. An 80% chance of thunderstorms in the afternoon meant, for what the couple had planned, a sunrise ceremony was going to be a better fit.

As a pulled up to the rental house early that morning, I noticed the clouds were moving fast, but the sky still seemed clear. Mist rolled off the lake and the sunrise painted the clouds bright pink. Carrie’s dad was setting up the ceremony area in the grass facing the lake. Carrie and Austin had gotten ready together (so sweet!) so there was no pressure of a first look. Their dog, Ellie, was so excited to be a part of things, living her best life running around the large lawn while her parents laughed.

We started with a few photos outside while the family set up the tables and ceremony area and finished frosting the wedding cake. Its so special when the family gets to be so involved in the wedding day! Despite being late June, it was cold! The clouds moved in even more totally blocking out the sun; so thick that it was actually dark. We headed inside for a little bit so Carrie and Austin could warm up. They grabbed some coffee and hot chocolate and decided to take advantage of the house’s cute porch swing. Taking time just the two of you to sit and relax on your wedding day is huge. Its okay to take it slow, to step away for a moment. No one is going to begrudge you 10 minutes with the person you’re marrying!

The guests took their seats for the ceremony and Carrie’s dad walked her down the aisle. The couple had a couple guests say a few words before exchanging personal vows. Everyone was crying.

After the ceremony it was time for breakfast. As guests filled their plates, a wall of fog moved it. Fog is not something we get very often in Colorado and this fog was thick. We could barely see the lake from the house anymore. It added a mystical and ethereal feel to the whole morning, but it was still cold.

Once everyone had eaten, Carrie and Austin shared a first dance, there were a few impromptu toasts, and they cut their cake. They finished out the morning but going for a short paddle in the canoe provided by the house before collapsing inside on one the couches. It had been quite the morning! Their day was exactly what they wanted- sweet, relaxed, full of laughter, with the people who mattered to them the most.


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