Twin Lakes Styled Shoot

Twin Lakes is epic. With huge peaks surrounding a big (for Colorado) lake, its one of those places that makes your mouth drop open and say wow. I had wanted to shoot there for a long time and sometimes, when locations don’t come to you, you go to them. I asked my friends, Lindsey and Easton, if they would be up for throwing their wedding attire back on and modeling for me so I could get photos at this location. They were totally in and we decided to do two other outfits for variety! Twins Lakes is just north of Buena Vista and about a two and a half hour drive from Colorado Springs. My wonderful friend, Emily, at Cusik Creative made the dreamiest bouquet to help me complete my vision!

It was super warm and blue skies as we headed out; it seems like Colorado always get a weird warm winter weather day like that in January. I love the drive to Buena Vista. The huge sweeping views heading west towards the mountains never gets old. I think its one of my favorite areas in the whole state! We stopped to take some pictures along the way to get those iconic and distinctive peaks in the background. Lindsey and Easton have a lot of amazing qualities, one of which is being an absolute dream to take pictures of. They are so natural with each other, not afraid to laugh and have fun, but also super sweet and romantic.

Clouds started to roll in as we got closer to Twin Lakes. Mountain weather- it changes so fast! Also- I’ve gotten really good at helping people get changed in parking lots. Is that something I can put on my resume under special skills? Once they were dressed we headed down to the trail head for the short walk to the lake. One of the cool things about Twin Lakes is that you get the hiking views without having to actually hike! The snow was packed on the trail, but if we took even one step off the snow was almost knee deep in places. It was so much fun getting to explore the area, but as it got later the wind started to pick up. It got so windy that we had to yell just to hear each other! Between that and the sun going down we decided to call it a day. I’m so thankful that I have friends who are so willing to support my dreams and take 8+ hours out of there weekend to adventure with me.


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