St. Mary’s Glacier Engagement Session

St. Mary’s Glacier is an epic spot for pictures. The trail winds through towering pine trees and the lake and glacier are surrounded by rocky gray peaks. I was so excited when Mary Catherine and Sean picked it for their adventure engagement session. We spent about two and a half hours adventuring in a winter wonderland together and had the best time!

These two are best friends and love each other as much as they like each other. Mary Catherine’s favorite thing about Sean is his big heart, how kind he is, and that he loves so deeply. Sean’s favorite thing about Mary Catherine is her passion for life. If they had to pick one word to describe them as a couple, it would be adventurous- the perfect fit for them.

adventure session

In true Colorado fashion, the day before their session it snowed. And snowed, and snowed, then snowed some more. It doesn’t usually snow for hours and hours on end, but it was snowing alllllll day. Thankfully, the snow stopped with enough time for the plows to clear the roads and made the drive safe. Originally our plan was to hike to the glacier where they would change and we  would do the majority of their pictures. The weather had other plans for us.

Since it was a weekday morning, had the whole area to ourselves. With all the fresh snow the night before, there was hardly a trail and I’m pretty sure we accidentally took a short cut because it only took us a half mile to get up to the lake/glacier. It was cold and sunny with beautiful blue skies, but as we came out of the trees we were hit with 20pmh wind and blowing snow. It was freezing. It was too cold for them to change, so they stayed in their hiking gear and we were able to get a good amount of photos before our fingers went numb.

We retreated to a lower elevation to take the rest of their photos. It wasn’t much warmer, but at least there was less wind! Despite the cold this session was so much fun. They kept me laughing the whole time. It was such a great reminder that having a partner who is also your best friend makes for so much happiness!





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