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How to Downsize Your Wedding to a Micro Wedding or Elopement

You have sent out the save the dates and been planning your wedding day for months now. Things may be getting expensive, and a global pandemic is still affecting our lives. Have you asked yourself or your partner, ‘let’s just elope’?

If this is you, consider downsizing your wedding to a micro wedding or elopement. Don’t let this decision dishearten you, as an essential part is the vows you and your partner will make to each other. The commitment far outweighs a big, grand event.


There are no rules

The beauty of micro weddings and elopements is that you can do things your way. Do you want to commit yourselves to each other on a beach in Hawaii or hiking in a forest? One family member or ten – there are no rules.

If you want to downsize your wedding, start with getting your loved ones on the same page. Once you have everyone on board with it, you can plan your romantic day without the stress and anxiety that comes with planning large weddings.

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Shorten your guest list

Having a shorter guest list is the first place to start. If you are eloping or having a micro wedding, your guest list can be as short as two to ten people. Here are my tips to help you cut the list:

  • Focus on your closest family and friends – think your innermost circle.
  • No plus ones – while it would be great having all your single friends partners there, it is unrealistic at a micro wedding or elopement.
  • No kids allowed – don’t feel bad not inviting the little humans. Their moms and dads at the wedding would love a night out.

Just remember – don’t feel guilty! This is your big day. Politely explain to members of your family and friends who are uninvited that your plans have changed, and while you love them all dearly, a close intimate union is what you want.

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Livestream your wedding

Skype, Facebook, and Zoom have great features for you to live stream your wedding. The family and friends who can’t be there will appreciate the gesture and love watching you say, “I do.” Embrace technology and feel good knowing that vulnerable loved ones are safe but can still enjoy your big day. Grandma and Grandpa will adore you for it!

The reception

Even though you have eloped or downsized your wedding, it doesn’t mean you have to skip the reception. You can celebrate the occasion by throwing a party or going to your favorite restaurant.

Elopements and micro weddings are generally small and intimate. Plan a romantic dinner afterward with your loved ones so you all can celebrate. What matters most is love!

You have so many beautiful places to have a small and intimate reception. Think about a local park, a beautiful backyard, or next to a stunning waterfall. The world is your oyster!

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Stick with traditions you love

Don’t forget that your micro wedding is not just a gathering, but that it’s your actual wedding day! Embrace all the traditions you have been dreaming about since you were a little girl, such as carrying a bouquet, wearing your dream wedding dress, or planning a first look. By including all these traditions, you will make your wedding day meaningful.

If you prefer to save all your special traditions and moments for the next year, go ahead. Some brides have moved their big day to the following year after COVID-19 subsides but keeping their original date for a micro wedding or elopement.

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Remember safe seating

Even with a micro wedding or elopement, it’s paramount that you remember to include social distancing between you and your guests.

Consider having your guests sit in the round, which is circular seating. It will add intimacy, and your guests will have peace of mind knowing they are safely seated away from others. Seating in the round is especially ideal for outdoor weddings, as there is plenty of space and everyone has a great view of the ceremony. All your loved ones will literally surround you and your partner!

Having a ceremony in the round will also give your videographer and elopement photographer ample space to avoid obstructing anyone’s views.

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Don’t forget to have fun!

might be out of the question for your big day, but that doesn’t mean that you need to avoid having fun altogether! Set up lawn games that can appropriately get spaced out. Examples of fun lawn games include the following:

  • Giant connect four
  • Giant Jenga
  • Cornhole

These activities are immensely enjoyed during cocktail hour or during a casual reception where everyone is mingling. While having fun, you and your new spouse will get a chance to remain connected with your guests casually without having any dancing.

Don’t forget to have hand sanitation available by setting up sanitization stations throughout the venue. Your guests can sanitize before and after each game and feel safe while having a great time.

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Too blessed to be stressed

A micro wedding or elopement is intimate and authentic to you and your partner. Whether your purpose of downsizing is for financial reasons, a pandemic, or because a smaller wedding feels more true to you; remember what a blessing it is for the two of you to commit your lives to each other. As you leap into this beautiful journey called life – capture every smile, sweet kiss, and loving moment. This is a day you will never forget.

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