bride facetiming with family

How to announce your elopement

You and your love have decided to say ‘I do’ in an unconventional way by eloping. It is perfect for you two because you know an intimate ceremony is just what you wanted. There is still something left to do after this exciting new adventure – announcing your elopement!  Some couples opt to tell friends family before their elopement day, others choose to leave it as a surprise. 

You may be asking, how do I go about announcing my elopement to family and friends? Should it be silly, simple, or serious? However you choose to do it, let your personalities shine in your announcement.

Here are four ways you can surprise your friends and family with your good news:


1. Live Video Chat 

You have just said your vows with the most spectacular view in the background. Share the experience with your loved ones by having a live video chat. What’s great about video calls is that you can have multiple people on the call simultaneously. No one will feel left out as everyone can hear the news of your elopement at the same time and witness the beauty of your surroundings. 

If you don’t have reception, ask your photographer to record a video for you!

bride facetiming with family

2. It’s a Party Baby!

Invite your closest friends and family over and throw a party. Use the hashtag #celebrate and pick a theme. It could be a formal dinner or a pool party, just as long as everyone is together. This is your time to celebrate your elopement with the ones you love. Share your news with a bottle of bubbly and pictures from your big day!

3. Social Media

Social media is a great way to announce your elopement! Have a sign that says something cute such as “We eloped,” and use your hashtags #wedidthething and #surprise. This way, you can post your good news as soon as you can. Spontaneity is already part of you and your sweetie’s big day, so why not continue this trend with a big social media reveal!

You already have your elopement photographer on hand to help you take the perfect picture!

4. Send out announcements

Instead of sending invitations send out “we eloped” announcement cards featuring one of your favorite photos from your elopement day!

Choose Your Words Wisely

Did you share the news with your closest circle? If not, expect them to have feelings about being left out. Before making any public announcements, tell those closest to you first to minimize tension. Be sensitive to their reactions and know that in time, they will respect your choices.

Let your loved ones know why you have chosen to elope and all the reasons why it was the best choice for you and your partner. Help them envision your special day by being as detailed as possible in your storytelling. Print a picture of the ceremony as a gift, so they have something to display in their home.

After all, this is the best day of your life, and they will want to share it with you!


Last But Not Least

Love every moment of the planning process with your soon to be spouse. This day is all about the two of you. Get lost in this breathtaking moment – a day you will never forget!


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