How to have a “photogenic” wedding day

What does having a photogenic wedding day even mean? Wedding days are beautiful no matter what. What’s better than marrying your best friend, right? But there are a couple things you can do to make you wedding day photos even more perfect!


Keep those hair ties off your wrist girl!

As soon as your hair and make up are done make sure you take any hair ties off your wrist. They don’t look good in photos and can leave weird marks! Assign someone the job of “wrist police” and have her make sure none of your bridesmaids, flower girls, mother of the bride have hair ties on their wrist. In the same vein- have a conversation with your bridal party before hand on whether or not smart watches are okay.


Keep the room as clean as possible.

No matter how many bridesmaids you have, getting ready areas clutter up fast. Try to keep a designated zone for “stuff” and throw away trash as you go. Crumpled plastic garment bags, water bottles, remains of lunch don’t look so great in photos. When you’re having getting ready photos done or putting your dress on you want the area to be free and clear of clutter!

No plastic hangers.

Get a wooden hanger for you dress and the bridesmaids dresses. It doesn’t have to be a super expensive custom hanger off of Etsy, just plain ones are fine! They just look so much nicer with dresses than plastic! They’ll also hold a heavy wedding dress a lot better.

Kiss proof lip color.

Make up artists are pros and will help you pick a product that will stay and not smudge, but if you’re doing your own make up its super important to pick a lip product that won’t get everywhere. You don’t want your grooms face covered in lipstick  or have it all over your teeth or be worried about it smearing while everyone is hugging you. Matte liquid lipsticks are a great stay all day option and come in a price for every budget.


The guys shoes need to match.

This might sound so strange, but the groomsmen need to be wearing the same colored shoes. Its very distracting if they all have different colored browns, blacks, and tans and looks more cohesive if they’re all the same color. Having them all wear different cool/funny socks is a fun detail though!

Natural light is the best.

One thing to pay attention to when choosing a venue and/or getting ready space is the amount of natural light in the getting ready and ceremony areas. Natural light is the most flattering and helps create the best environment for good photos. Fluorescent lights can create weird shadows on people where natural light helps keep things more even.


Plan around sunset.

When thinking about what time you want your ceremony to start talk to your photographer about sunset. If golden hour bride and groom photos are important to you, you want to make sure your timeline lines up so you can have them! Once you determine what time sunset is, you can plan backwards from there.

Wear shoes you can walk in.

I get the appeal of wearing decadent heels, I really do. But, if you don’t normally wear heels and find them hard to move around in, go with something else. With most dresses you can’t really see the shoes anyway and you move around a lot on your wedding day. If you’re thinking “well, I’ll just change shoes before the reception”- don’t underestimate all the things that have to happen before then. There’s walking to your first look, bridal party photos, walking down the aisle, bride and groom portraits, family photos. If you’re feet hurt, or you’re having trouble walking its going to show up in your photos. You don’t want to look back on your wedding photos and only remember how much your feet hurt!

It’s super cute when all the girls match.

Weddings have so many expenses, so sometimes it can be hard to justify adding yet another thing to the list. Especially when its something like matching robes your bridesmaids may never wear again. But those pre-dressed photos where everyone is matching? So cute. There are so many options too- you don’t have to do robes you can do shirts or sweatpants. Make sure its still representative of you!

The sun matters.

The trick to beautiful glowy photos, no matter the time of day, is to keep the sun behind you. When looking at venues or planning ceremony areas, think about where the light will be. For example, if a venue has a beautiful mountain background in the east, but the sun sets in the west, its going to be really hard to get good photos with the mountains in the background as the sun will be in your face.

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