Common misconceptions about elopements

Elopements and small weddings are gaining more and more popularity, but there’s still so many misconceptions and stigmas around them! The idea and concept of what an elopement is has expanded so much that all those outdated definitions don’t apply anymore.

So what is an elopement? Its definitely no longer about a couple that’s sneaking off in secret to get married, its all about having a day that’s centered around you and your partner without the expectations that come with a traditional wedding. Imagine your perfect day with your partner- where would you be? What would you do? What would you eat? That can be your reality on your elopement day! A day centered around the two of you and your love story. With that in mind, lets talk about some common misconceptions around elopements!

They are for people who aren’t close to their family/you can’t include friends and family

Not true! Having fewer people means you get to spend more quality time with everyone who comes, instead of trying to talk to 130 guests. It is totally possible to include your closest friends and family. They can be there for all or part of the day. Some couples prefer to say vows alone and celebrate with everyone later in the day or want their people included from start to finish. Its totally a personal decision and just depends on how you want the day to go.

Elopements are super quick and not special

On the contrary- elopements are all about an authentic wedding experience that truly represents the couple and their story. They are super special. And just like with traditional weddings, elopements can totally be an all day thing. There are so many personal touches you can add to your day; from activities like four wheeling to the top of a mountain to the food, like a mountain picnic or dinner created by a personal chef. Elopement days aren’t rushed and while there may be a whirlwind of emotions, there’s plenty of time to soak in moments. Sometimes with traditional weddings a strict timeline is imperative and there’s not always time to slow down and soak things in.

Elopements take place in a courthouse or a Vegas wedding chapel

Nope. You’ll need a marriage license, possibly an officiant depending on the state, but you can get married wherever you want! Hike to the top of a mountain, say vows at sunrise on the deck of your Airbnb, fly on a helicopter to a glacier. The possibilities are endless and the world is your for the taking.

Elopements are for people who can’t afford a big wedding

Just like with traditional weddings, elopement budgets come in all shapes and sizes. Elopements are for couples that want a wedding day that centers around them and don’t want the pressures and stress of a traditional wedding. Its more about having a day all about what they want to do and that might mean being in the mountains or a hot spring or a cabin somewhere rather than throwing a huge party!

Its more about the photos than the marriage

If anything, elopement days focus more on the marriage than a traditional wedding. Elopement days are stripped of all the pomp and frills. Instead of worrying about table linens, glassware rentals, and catering, its a day completely focused on the couple and their l0ve story. The day is made up of things they love- from activities, to food, to location. Amazing photos are just a bonus!

You have to hike to get epic views/everyone who elopes is super outdoorsy

You see those viral Instagram photos of a stunning couple all decked out in wedding attire against a gorgeous mountain back drop and think- I want that, but I just don’t want to hike. That’s okay! There are sooooo many locations that you can get to with minimal to no hiking. You don’t have to be an expert outdoor person or the most in shape- nature is for everyone.


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