Rocky Mountain National Park engagement photos

Rocky Mountain National Park has towering mountain peaks, gorgeous lakes, and incredible hikes. If you’re looking for somewhere epic to take engagement photos its totally the place. I was super excited when Erica and Thomas picked it for their engagement photos; it was one of my bucket list locations for 2021! We planned on hiking to two different lakes and exploring the area while taking photos. When I left Colorado Springs it was  gorgeous sunny blue sky day. Even upon arriving at the gate the weather was clear with a few clouds rolling in. However, as we drove up into the mountains towards the trailhead, we started to see cars coming towards us covered in snow!

As we drove further up into the mountains snow started coming down harder and harder until it was an all out snow storm. There were big thick heavy flakes and the mountains were barely visible in the snow! When we got to the trailhead parking lot we quickly realized we needed to change our plans as this weather was not going to be fun to hike in. Thankfully, RMNP has tons of great non hiking options. We quickly decided on a plan B and headed to our first no hiking required lake.

One of the coolest things about winter in RMNP is that the lakes freeze solid and you can actually walk on them! The mountains, frozen lake, and snow made an absolutely epic session. Erin and Thomas are an amazing couple too and they were so much fun to be around! They didn’t let the fact that we had to change plans last minute frazzle them at all; they were so good natured about the entire thing and kept me laughing the entire time. They were so themselves and it made for the absolute best photos. They said one of the things they wanted to remember about their relationship right now was laughing all the time and it totally came through in their session. I could have spent all day adventuring with them!

We ended up spending 3 hours driving around and exploring RMNP together taking photos along the way. We went to four different spots and it was the absolute best. The clouds never really lifted, but they added such a dramatic feel to the day. Plus, its not every day that you get photos while its snowing!


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