Best Places to Elope in Colorado

One of the amazing thing about Colorado is the many, many epic location options. Every part of the state has something completely different to offer. Wondering how to start planning your elopement day and not quite sure how to decide on a location? Check out this post here!

Picking the right location is a big step in crafting an epic day the feels like you. If you already have a super meaningful or dream specific location in mind that’s awesome; but if you don’t know where you want to go yet this is not a step you have to do alone! While the general areas below are great to start narrowing down location options, picking an exact spot is actually a super detailed process you normally do with your photographer. They can help location scout and find a location that takes your breathe away!

San Juans

Also called the “Switzerland of America” the San Juan mountains are absolutely epic. The mountains and peaks are towering, the views are insane, and there’s a plethora of gorgeous alpine lakes in unbelievable colors. In the summer wildflowers are abundant. There’s also a ton of great offroading so if hiking isn’t your thing, you can still have those epic views. The mountain towns in the area are as cute as can be and offer amazing food and lodging options!

Alpine Lake

While Colorado isn’t known for having tons of water, there are still plenty of alpine lakes to explore in the state! (Alpine lakes are classified as lakes at high altitudes, usually starting around 10,000 feet in elevation above sea level) What could be more magical than exchanging vows in front of crystal clear water surrounded by towering peaks?



A 14er is Colorado slang for a 14,000ft mountain. We have 58 of them here in Colorado! If you’ve ever wanted to feel like you’re flying on your wedding day without getting on a plane, this may be the spot for you. These mountains run the gambit in difficulty; there are a couple where you can drive to the top making them super accessible while other require technical climbing skills. It will definitely be windy at the top, but that just adds the epicness!

Garden of the Gods

Huge red rock formations and awesome mountain views! With no required permit and wide range of accessible location options, Garden of the Gods is a favorite spot for eloping couples. Just be warned- unless you’re willing to go at sunrise, its really hard to find a private spot.

Rocky Mountain National Park

RMNP has so many location options within it. Whether you want to hike a few miles or ten or not at all- there’s something for everyone. If you’re exchanging vows in the park there’s only a few designated spots within the park that are allowed and you do have to have a permit. But! You can take photos in your wedding attire wherever you want in the park as long as there is no ceremony! With incredible views, mountain lakes, lots of elk, and hundreds of acres to explore- this would be an epic place to celebrate your marriage.




A super cute mountain town with tons of location options! There’s so many places to choose from, with hikes for all skill levels and even drive up locations, you can pick more than one spot to adventure to during your day. Also a great spot to have a cute Airbnb for the getting ready and/or celebratory portion of the day.


Buena Vista

Buena Vista has mountains, hot springs, lakes, and a super cute town. There are amazing hiking options for multiple skill levels, but its also near two mountain passes so you can amazing views without having to hike. There’s a great brewery and distillery for celebrating after, or relax at Mt Princeton hot springs. Go kayaking on Twin Lakes and then grab coffee on historic main street. So many options to make your elopement day the best day ever!


Pikes Peak

Get those top of the world views without having to hike! You can see for miles and miles from the summit, but be prepared for wind. The highway is open year round, but closes as certain miles in non summer months making the peak inaccessible by road. However, there are so many other great places along the Pikes Peak highway to stop. There are no permits required, but there is a toll to get up.

Mountain Pass

There are many mountain passes in Colorado all over the state! These give you incredible views at the top without having to hike for miles. Many of them have trails along them though, so if you want to incorporate hiking into your day you can. Mountain passes are also a favorite in the fall because you can get sweeping views of the fall colors.



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