Rocky Mountain National Park Adventure Elopement- Paige & Brad

Paige and Brad were one of the lucky few that got a permit to elope in Rocky Mountain National Park this year.

Well…actually it was last year, but when the park was closed due to the immense fires they had to push their date back. They really wanted snow so we decided on late October (as it’s usually a safe bet winter will have started in the mountains by then) and a sunrise ceremony. Our day started at 5am in the condo the couple had rented to stay in. The got ready together mostly, only separating when it was time for Paige to put her dress on. Paige’s parents, the only guests, had come all the way from Alabama to be with the couple for this big moment. Paige’s mom helped her put her dress and flower crown on before we headed out for the first look.

Going into Rocky Mountain National Park at sunrise during the off season is a bit unreal. It is pretty much completely empty. We had Paige and Brad’s first look spot totally to ourselves! Of course the temperature had dropped significantly and the wind was blowing like crazy, but Paige and Brad embraced every single second of it. There’s definitely tricks to staying warm on an elopement day in the mountains!

After exploring the area and taking some photos we headed to a second spot pre ceremony before meeting Paige’s parents at the designated ceremony location. We walked around the lake until we found the perfect ceremony spot. Paige’s dad walked her down the “aisle” and officiated the ceremony. It was romantic, simple, heartfelt, and totally perfect. Everyone cried happy tears that this day had finally come and Paige and Brad were married!! Snow started falling softly really making us feel as thought we were in a winter wonderland.

We said goodbye to Paige’s parents and it was time for the three of us to set off an adventure. It always so impressive when people from sea level come and hike at altitude- and in wedding attire no less. The hike was epic- showing off how beautiful Colorado is and taking people on their first Colorado hike is one of my favorite things in the whole world. Watching Brad and Paige take in the alpine lake surrounded by huge towering mountains for the first time was so special. And of course everyone we passed told them how amazing they were for hiking in wedding attire!

We finished off the day by heading to a last location and eating wedding cake in the back of their jeep with a view of Longs Peak. We all kept saying it was the best day ever which is exactly how you should feel on your wedding day.




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