Idaho Springs elopement- Megan & Cas

When Megan and Cas first started dreaming up what they wanted their elopement to look like, they described a day full of things they loved and moments that would mean a lot. Mountains, preferably a lake, being together just the two of them, a first look, popping champagne, and making dinner together. We talked about it all on our first phone call together, and after going over what they wanted the day to look like they paused as if waiting for me too say it was too much and wouldn’t work. I assured them everything they described was absolutely possible and over the next few months we filled in all the details to make sure their day was filled with everything they wanted, while still being relaxed and not stressful.

These two had had been through a lot to get to their day! They originally planned on having a big wedding in Florida, but because of 2020 had to change their plans. After lots of reflection Megan and Cas decided an elopement was a better fit for them; and in true elopement fashion they didn’t tell any friends or family.

Their day unfolded perfectly. We had the most amazing weather as we hiked and did a little bit of scrambling to their ceremony spot. The leaves were changing, the sky was Colorado blue, the sun felt warm. The higher we got the more the wind picked up, but both Megan and Cas embraced it and rocked it out. The couple changed into wedding attire once we reached their chosen ceremony spot. Megan looked stunning in her simple elegant dress and gauzy cape, while Cas looked absolutely fantastic in their custom tailored suit with checkered vest and textured gold tie. They shared an emotional first look and personal vows on top of the world. The wind whipped around them, but it only added to the beauty of the moment.

We continued our adventure with a glacier, waterfall, and alpine lake before heading back to the beautiful cabin they were staying at. Megan and Cas made tacos for all of us and it felt so perfect- like a scene from a movie. Dancing in the kitchen, checking on food simmering on the stove, and teasing about spiciness levels in the pico. We talked about dogs, schools, and one of our favorite Instagram influencers as we ate dinner.

They cut their cake and drank champagne and listened to the quiet. A full moon lit up the sky, an epic end to an epic day.

Also- if you want even more of a look into their day check out their video by the amazing Studio Lemus here.



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