Boulder day after session- Sara & Garrett

What even is a day after session? Oh they are so awesome. Essentially a day after session takes place after your wedding day in a different location while you and your partner are in wedding attire. Day after sessions can be used for a myriad of reasons. If you didn’t have enough time for as many photos of the two of you on your wedding day, if you want photos in a specific location, if the weather was bad on wedding day, if you just want more photos in wedding attire, or just because its fun!

Sara is actually a photographer friend! She and her husband, Garrett, are super adventurous and wanted to take full advantage of summer and their wedding attire. When talking about location options, Sara mentioned she would love water and that a hike up to a mile roundtrip would be okay. I made their location guide keeping that in mind, but threw one location on the end that, while absolutely epic, was way longer than they wanted to hike at 5.2 miles round trip. Now- if I hadn’t already hiked with Sara and knew she and Garrett were fully capable of this, I would not have put it on the guide. Safety first always. They ended up choosing that spot! We were all excited- the weather was supposed to be perfect and the location was amazing.

We met one perfect August evening a few hours before sunset and began the hike up to the lake. The hike itself was stunning. The trail winding through evergreen forests, through an open field with a waterfall, before finally arriving at the vibrant blue lakes surrounded by jagged gray peaks. Sara and Garrett changed into their wedding attire and we explored around the lake as the sun sank lower towards the mountains. We said “wow its just so beautiful” way too many times and marveled over how green everything was and how many wildflowers there still were.

Take photos of another photographer is somewhat daunting, but incredible at the same time. I got to slow down and be more creative with positioning and composition, which, selfishly, was so much fun.

In addition to being beautiful people on the outside, Sara and Garrett are two of the sweetest, kindest people to ever exist. It was so fun to see them just being best friends with each other and we talked all about backpacking, hiking, and being vegetarian/vegan (which all 3 of us are). It was such a fun summer night and all of us agreed it was worth the 5.2 mike hike and 6 hour roundtrip drive from Colorado Springs.




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