Garden of the Gods engagement session- Rose and Chris

Garden of the Gods is a super popular spot for photos. Its pretty unique to Colorado, its very accessible, and its free! Rose and Chris were visiting Colorado from Texas and wanted to take full advantage of the unique scenery. The day of their engagement session was gray and cloudy with a heavy chance of rain; so we decided to move their session from sunset to the middle of the day. Thanks to the weather we pretty much had the park to ourselves!

Garden of the Gods in the heart of Colorado Springs and features unique red rock formations and mountain views. Its typically best at sunset as it faces east/west with the mountain being in the west. Its almost always crowded on weekends, but there are still some parts of the park with less people.  Week days are the best though as its fairly empty, especially in off seasons like winter. There are a number of location options with different levels of accessibility. Many spots require no hiking at all!

Rose and Chris were so sweet together and definitely leaned more toward the super romantic photos. We did a short walk to our location, but it was uphill the whole way. That can be a lot when people are coming from sea level and then experience the 6500ft elevation of Colorado Springs. I was so impressed with Rose for navigating all of the uneven and rocky surfaces in heels!



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