Garden of the Gods couple’s session- Bri and Anthony

November 13, 2020

Garden of the Gods in the snow is sight to behold! The red rocks seem redder, the snow whiter, and the softness of the snow somehow brings out the jaggedness of the rocks. Bri and Anthony were in town visiting from the east coast and it just happened to snow the day before their session! It was in the 60s just a few days before so the snow was totally unexpected. There’s just something about the way the golden hour sun hits the snow that is so incredibly special.

Bri had messaged me on Instagram a few months before and I was immediately excited to be a small part of their Colorado adventure! She was so sweet and excited and used lots of exclamation points and smiley faces and told me how much she loved photoshoots. And honestly- she and Anthony we’re one of the most down to earth sweetest couples I have¬†ever met. They had been married just about a year and are truly best friends. Bri said that the thing she loved most about Anthony his unconditional love for her and how he works so hard for us without complaining. Also that he’s calm and steady. Anthony said he loved Bri’s unconditional commitment to him and her bubbly personality.

They are such an adventurous couple too! Bri is in the middle of training for her first half marathon and has been sky diving twice while Anthony loves hunting and working on vehicles. They were totally down to climb up on rocks in the snow despite Bri wearing a dress! Such a fun way to commemorate their first anniversary and trip to Colorado.


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