3 Reasons to do a First Look

Have you heard of a first look? Its definitely a trend that has increased in popularity the last few years. This is where the couple see each other for the first time before the ceremony. While its not the so called traditional route, its actually an amazing moment to include within your way whether you’re doing a big or small wedding or eloping!

It gives you a moment alone!

Having a first look means the two of you get a moment alone during the craziness of the day. No matter the size of your wedding its easy to feel rushed and this is a moment to be together and breathe. To focus on what the day is really about- getting married! You also don’t get a lot of time alone during the whole day so its nice to have a moment to be together.

It frees up the rest of your day!

If you don’t do a first look, your wedding day really starts when you’re walking down the aisle (besides the getting ready photos). Then you have a very short window to cram bide and groom portraits, photos with your bridal party, and immediate family photos, and extended family photos before the reception. If you do a first look you can do the majority of these before the ceremony. Then you have more time to hang out with your guests and have fun!

You get more photos!

Doing a first look give you more time to get amazing bride and groom photos! They don’t have to be crammed in with all the photos after the ceremony in a very short window. You also get more bridal party photos. It truly helps you maximize time with your photographer and get those photos you want to frame and cherish forever!


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