How to build a perfect wedding day timeline

Wedding days are jam packed and really do fly by. There’s so many moving pieces and surprisingly a lot to do all crammed into one day. That old cliché about it going by so fast you don’t even get a piece of your own cake? That can totally happen. But it doesn’t have to! Having a solid wedding day timeline helps the day flow smoothly and makes sure you get to experience every part. You can work with your photographer and/or wedding coordinator to build a custom timeline, but if you have no idea where to start here’s a few tips!

Start with your ceremony time: the first step to building your timeline is picking a ceremony time. Once that’s decided on you’ll know what time you need to start getting ready and what time to start cocktail hour. Then fill in the gaps from there!

Build in buffers: things normally take longer than expected on wedding days! Plan for that and give yourself more time than you think you’ll need. you don’t want to be rushed and frantic. You also want to enjoy these special moments! For example, don’t give yourself only 15 minutes to get your dress on immediately before your first look. Soak in seeing yourself in your dress with hair and make up done. Leave time for make up touch ups in case of tears etc.

Sneak away during sunset: we all love golden hour photos right? Make sure you leave time for you and your new spouse to sneak away during sunset for some epic golden hour photos! Have your photographer help with this part- they’ll be able to tell you what time the light will be best.

Have at least 10 minutes alone: the day is such a whirlwind you don’t get a lot of time alone with your new spouse. Take 10 minutes and just be together and soak in the fast that you’re married!

Front load your reception: if your doing a grand entrance immediately go into your first dance and cake cutting. Then have toasts/speeches while people are eating. This way you get all the “ceremonial” pieces out of the way and can enjoy the rest of the night with your friends and family! Also- if some of the older guests want to leave early they don’t miss any of the important events. You’ll also have time to take a breath and sit and eat instead of feeling rushed to make sure everything is done in time.

Be flexible: A timeline is a guideline. Don’t forget that and don’t stress if things don’t go exactly according to plan minute by minute. Its stilly our day and you want it to be wonderful and romantic, no frenzied and stressed. At the end of the day the one thing that really matters is you’re marrying your fiancé surrounded by people who love you!

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