How to have the best engagement photos ever

So you’re engaged!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!! When’s the wedding date? No, I’m just kidding, but isn’t funny how even if you’ve only been engaged a few days that’s the first question people ask? Its really easy to immediately get caught up in wedding planning and Pinterest boards, and all of that is super fun, but don’t forget to slow down and celebrate too! Engagement photos are a super fun way to celebrate and announce to the world that you’re engaged! For a lot of couples, this is the first time they’ve had professional photos done and it can feel exciting, but a little daunting. Here’s some things to think about as you prepare for your engagement session.

Make it just the two of you

It can be intimidating to have your photos done for the first time and it might seem like a good idea to bring friends along for moral support. It can actually make you more self conscious and be distracting. Also- sometimes guys have a harder time being cute and romantic if their buddies are around. This is about just the two of you so treat it like a fun date night!

What to wear

Most couples like to do 2 outfits- one casual and one more dressy or formal. Definitely have at least one where you can easily move around, be picked up, and sit (jeans and cute boots are very versatile). Make sure you’re wearing something you feel confident and comfortable in. This is the most important thing- wear shoes that don’t hurt your feet and you can easily move around in!! Pick colors that pop against the background of the location and coordinate- don’t match. For example you can wear colors that go well together, but you don’t both want to be wearing white shirts with jeans.  If you’re going to wear a skirt or a dress long flowy ones always look extra amazing and add so much movement to photos. Oh and make sure that ring is clean!


How to pose

The good news is: its not your job to know how to pose! Nope, that is 100% your photographer’s job to to give you tons of direction and make sure you feel totally comfortable in front of the camera. However , there are a few things you can do that can help make you look natural! The first is to be yourself. Don’t try and “model” because it can come off looking forced and stiff. You’re hanging out with your fiancé and someone just happens to be taking pictures, you want to look like you. The second is to actually laugh! Some of the poses are going to feel weird. That’s okay and partly the point. Go with it and genuinely laugh- it results in the best pictures. Finally- communicate! Tell your photographer if there’s anything specific to avoid; like if you hate getting picked up or really don’t like pictures of your back. That way you’re comfortable the whole time. Conversely, make sure to speak up if there’s a specific pose you want to incorporate into your session!

How to choose a photographer

You want to work with someone who makes your life easier and feels like a friend. That might sound weird, but you’re going to be kissing and cuddling in front of this person while they point a camera at you. You don’t want them to feel like a stranger! You also want someone who is going to help you pick a location, a time, and help you feel confident in your posing. Take a look at Instagram feeds and websites to figure what kind of style you like. Everyone has different posing and editing styles and you want to make sure you like both! There are so many different editing styles and one thing to remember is that you want to be able to look back on your photos in 20 years and still love them; no think “oh yes this was the editing style of 202_”.

The most important thing

Relax and have fun!!! This should not be a stressful event. You’re celebrating your engagement and get to spend an hour cuddling and kissing your fiancé. It should be awesome and something you look forward to!



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