Breckenridge Skiing Adventure Elopement

Elopement days are all about having a day that feel like you and your partner. Its about having a day filled with your favorite things and having your love story told. This can mean anything, but for Sam and Taylor it meant heading into the mountains and skiing. If you’re familiar with Colorado in the spring, then you know that there’s a lot of snow and it generally isn’t that warm. Somehow we were lucky enough to end up with the most gorgeous warm blue sky day. The sun made the snow sparkle and it was warm enough that we didn’t even need the hand warmers or coats we had brought. All three of us shed a few layers as we headed up the trail.

As we neared our destination we looked up and noticed there were mountain goats very far away up on a ridge. Luckily, Taylor had binoculars with him and we were all able to take turns looking. Definitely going to be adding binoculars to my packing list from now on! We reached our location and decided to do some pre-wedding attire adventure photos while exploring around the cabins. Its crazy to think that long ago people had tried to live up there in wooden cabins. We were easily on top of 8 feet of snow.

The couple got changed and had the sweetest first look. Taylor ripped the skins of his skis and even got a couple turns in while wearing his suit! We all couldn’t stop commenting about what a gorgeous day it was and how majestic the mountains were and how much fun we were having. It was a weekday evening and we had the whole place to ourselves. Sam and Taylor celebrated with their favorite hard seltzer from a local Colorado brewery. After taking some pretty epic bride and groom photos, they put their skis back on and Sam even skied a little in her dress! They kept saying “this is so us” over and over again which is the best way to spend the day.

The sun began to set and lit up the peaks with alpenglow. Alpenglow is one of the most beautiful things ever, especially in the snow. As the sun went down the temperature dropped and it was time to head back to the car. Watching Sam and Taylor ski down totally convinced me that I need to try cross country skiing one day! The sky and mountains turned purple and we had to don headlamps the rest of the way to the car. All in all it was the best day!!


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