Bellingham, Washington Small Wedding- Aerin & Greg

Towering evergreens, a splash of sunshine, and a waterfall made up the perfect PNW wedding day for Aerin and Greg. These two had a wedding day that was totally them: a venue in the woods, an epic dessert table, the people they loved most, and an adventure to top it all off.

The ceremony and reception area for the wedding were on the edge of Silver Lake, and even though the parking lot was close by, it truly felt like we were far off in the woods somewhere. It was perfect- accessible for all the guests while still feeling private. The picnic area, already cute, was made entirely adorable and charming by the decorations set up by Aerin and a few guests.

Aerin put on her dress back in the dense trees helped by here mom, sister, and 18 month old nephew. If you’re wondering if its stressful to change out in nature- nope! There’s lots of different ways to make sure everything stays modest and private.

After sharing a private first look on one of the nearby trails, it was time for the ceremony. Officiated by one of the couple’s close friends, the ceremony was personal, sweet, and funny. The couple exchanged personal vows and then rings- it was official! Now it was time for everyone’s favorite part of a wedding day- food.

Family members pitched in to help serve lunch and serve drinks from the “mix it yourself bar”. There were his and hers cocktail recipes written out for the guests to make which was such a cool touch! There were desserts galore- cupcakes iced like succulents, a chocolate mousse cake, sugar cookies with a picture of the couple, brownies, bourbon Rice Krispy treats (made by Aerin no less).

After celebrating with their guests, Aerin and Greg departed to go off on their own adventure- a hike down to a waterfall. The hike was short but STEEP. The couple were rockstars; climbing over logs, twirling, jumping to rocks, going up and down the steep grade, all in wedding attire. The sun came out, the waterfall roared, and it was a day of dreams come true.


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