Evergreen elopement- Ivy & Austin

On our first phone call Ivy and Austin mentioned that they weren’t traditional. They didn’t want the photos you’d see in everyone else’s wedding albums. That their vows may not be traditional and that they wanted to show off both their friendship and the love they have for each other.

Spring in Colorado is crazy. The weather could be anything from 90 degrees to snowing to rain. For memorial day weekend it was forecasted to storm all three days. The day before Ivy and Austin’s elopement she texted me: “I know I’ve asked you this a few times, but should we be worried about the weather tomorrow?”
All the weather apps and radars indicated that going forward with our morning ceremony plan probably wasn’t the best idea unless we wanted to get soaked. This has been the raniest spring in Colorado that I’ve ever experienced. We went over options and decided on a new plan- to wait until later in the evening when the rain was supposed to clear and try for then.

Austin and Ivy told me they had originally wanted to elope in Scotland and that on their elopement day they wanted it to have an almost witchy ethereal feel with some Outlander vibes. Well I think the weather heard them because that’s exactly what they got. All the grass was lush and green and clouds rolled in over the tops of the mountains. The entire park was basically empty.

Austin arrived at the location first with his mom and a few friends. We picked out a first look and ceremony spot and he said over and over again how perfect it was and how much Ivy would love it. Austin got set for his first look as Ivy arrived with the rest of the friends. Ivy was so excited to see Austin she tried to run down the hill to him in her dress and heeled boots. It was very impressive!

The second Austin turned around and saw Ivy his face lit up. Love on wedding days flows so freely and is so obvious- its one of my favorite things ever. It goes beyond the spoken words of vows and “I love you”. Its about the way the couple looks at each other, gravitates towards each other, stands together. And it was so apparent through all of that, that Ivy and Austin are true soulmates.

After a few deep breaths and calming of adrenaline, the couple exchanged vows surrounded by their closest friends and family who also flew all the way from Georgia (and had the absolute best outfits). Then we were off an adventure together where they frolicked through fields, climbed rocks, and twirled amongst castle ruins.

I used to think you needed epic locations to have those magical photos.. And sure it helps. But its truly the couple that makes the location epic. “True love” is not always easy to find, but Austin and Ivy have it. It was an unbelievably magical day.



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