Colorado adventure session- Antonia & Adam

There’s not a lot of water in Colorado. Most of our lakes are actually reservoirs unless they are high up in the mountains. Water has been a pig part of both Antonia and Adam’s lives so we definitely had to include it in their engagement session. These photos were also extra special because the couple had been keeping their engagement a secret- they wanted to use their photos to announce it!

As we were planning their session, Antonia asked me if it would be too complicated to rent kayaks and do photos on the water with me following them in a kayak. I was so excited for a new adventure and said an enthusiastic yes. Antonia grew up doing competitive river racing with her dad and Adam loves fishing and going on rafting trips so being able to include water in their engagement photos was so special.

The couple also wanted to include their dog, Zoe, who is one of the most gorgeous pups I’ve ever gotten to meet. Antonia told me she was more photogenic than both of them, and while I’m not sure I agree with that, she is an absolutely beautiful and sweet dog! I think its so important to include things you love in your engagement session, whether that’s a meaningful location, a favorite drink, activity, or pet. Your engagement session should feel like who you are as a couple and be meaningful!

On the day of their engagement session the sun was shining, it was warm, but there was a wind advisory. Normally this wouldn’t be a huge deal as it was just slightly breezy, not hurricane level winds, but it was windy enough that it wasn’t safe to go out onto the water. We were super disappointed that the weather was interfering with our plans. As the sun went down, the wind began to lessen a little bit and Antonia and Adam felt comfortable enough to go out onto the water for a few minutes. It was still too windy for me to take my cameras into a kayak but I charged into the water to be able to get different angles.

After the kayak, we walked to a little nearby cove. I just could not believe how beautiful this area was. The sunset was amazing, the water was so blue; I did not want to leave. We traipsed around a little bit before getting some of my favorite golden hour photos of all time. I loved getting to spend an evening with these two!



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