10 things worth the hype on your wedding day

10 things that are worth the hype of your wedding day!!!

There are so many lists out there (and opinions) on what having the best wedding day ever looks like. There are some things that are actually totally worth the wedding day hype. Now, if you choose/chose not to do any of these on your wedding day, that doesn’t make your wedding or your choices bad! But if you’ve ever thought to yourself “I wonder if this is really worth it” while planning your wedding, then this post is for you! 

  • Sunset photos: This may seem like a no-brainer, but in the summer the late sunset means you’re most likely going to be stepping away from the reception. It’s totally worth the 20 minutes though!
  • Professional hair and make-up: take stress off yourself as much as possible! Having a professional do your hair and make up means you don’t have to worry about if you’re going to like how it turns out or if your make up will stay all day. It may only take you 15 minutes to do your makeup on a normal day, but I’ve seen people second guess themselves so much on wedding days and it ends up taking hours longer. False lashes are also a game changer.
  • First look: and no not just for the sake of the timeline and because you get more photos this way. Many couples choose to get ready separately on wedding days. Without a first look it means the first time you see each other is during the ceremony; there’s no time to talk to each other, share your excitement, tell each other how great you look. A first look gives you a private moment to see your best friend! The person you most want to spend the day with. Things move so fast on wedding days, this is a great time to slow it down a bit.
  • A professionally done bouquet: if one (or both) partner(s) is choosing to have a bouquet it’s totally worth the money to have it professionally done. Whether it’s real, wood, or dried flowers, florists are amazing at placement and filling out a bouquet. And its in almost all of the photos, so it makes a big difference to have one that looks good! It can also double as decor on tables later. 
  • Unplugged ceremony: your guests are there to celebrate your marriage. Take it from someone who takes photos the whole time- if the guests are watching the ceremony, through their screen/lens, they’re not going to be able to give their full attention to what’s happening. Also, any guest reaction shots during the ceremony are going to be of them holding their phones in front of their faces. I totally understand people wanting to document the moment on their phones too, so after walking down the aisle, but before the ceremony starts, allow guests a minute to take pictures with their phones! Best of both worlds!
  • A really good suit: if either/both partners are choosing to wear a suit, there’s a lot to be said for a really good one. A great color, tie, cufflinks, and good tailoring make all the difference. 
  • Fantastic DJ: the DJ totally leads the reception and sets the mood. Having a good DJ who knows how to structure things so that people enjoy dancing and party all night long. Or, if you’re like me and my husband, and you’re not super big dancing people, they can make other suggestions like games etc and emcee the night so that, even though there’s not as much dancing, it’s still just as fun! Having a DJ also takes the pressure off any friends or family being in charge of adjusting volume and making sure the right songs are playing etc
  • A planner/day of coordinator: another one that’s all about taking stress and pressure off you and your guests. Yes, your wedding party can help set up/clean up, but that means they don’t get to be in the moment. It also means they’re going to be asking you a million questions about how you want things (no matter how much you communicate). They’ll help the day flow smoothly and ensure you have nothing to do except have fun and enjoy your day!
  • A really good toast: having someone who knows you both well give a toast is priceless. Not only does it get amazing reactions, but it helps give guests a peek into your lives and friendships!

Taking ten minutes for just the two of you before the reception: your wedding day is a celebration of you! The day will fly by and taking time for just the two of you can be hard to fit in, but is so worth it! Have your planner or caterer put aside some hors d’oeuvre’s  and your drink of choice so you can sit, eat, and relax together!


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