Royal Gorge Train Elopement- Jazmine & Jon

Colorado isn’t just mountains. Sure- that’s the first thing people think of (with good reason), but its also home to sand dunes, canyons, rushing rivers, and deep gorges with sheer cliff faces. The Royal Gorge is home to the highest suspension bridge in America and a train that runs in the gorge below it. With dining cars, huge windows, and one open air car the train makes for a really fun afternoon activity! It runs under the bridge and along the river. The gorge its self is about 1000ft deep and standing staring up at the towering walls of rock makes you feel so small.

Jazmine had seen the train on TikTok (love TikTok) and wanted to include it in their elopement day. They were coming all the way from Illinois and in addition to eloping, having their first kid free vacation in 5 years. Jazmine and Jon decided to elope because they really wanted to have an experience that was focused on them and their love and not stressful or dramatic. We started their day at Garden of the Gods for private vows before heading down to Canon City to celebrate with a ride on the train.

The huge windows overlooked the river and we got to see kayakers and white water rafters as the rain ran through the gorge. There was also old remnants of pipelines and other mining things from when the gorge was a silver mining hot spot. The couple got drinks and lunch on board while taking in the incredible views. When the train stopped under the Royal Gorge bridge we headed out to the open air car. It was cool to see the views through the windows inside, but standing out underneath all that towering rock was something entirely different. We all felt tiny staring up at the sky that seemed so, so far away.

Everyone who saw the couple told them congratulations. Too soon the train ride was over and we headed to a nearby park to sign their marriage license and make things official. It was so hot. Canon City is in southern Colorado and in a very desert-y area and its normally 10-15 degrees hotter than Colorado Springs (where we started our day). We found some shade, but even in just the short walk to the park we were roasting. With the marriage license signed Jazmine and Jon were officially married and they drove off into the mountains for the rest of their week long Colorado adventure.



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