Julian California Wedding- Emily and Daniel

Julian is not at all how I pictured southern California. The adorable tiny town in the small foothills east of Sand Diego, right off the Pacific Crest Trail. It was much more green and mountainy than I was picturing, but was totally beautiful. The main part of the town is really just one road, but even with the quaintness of the town they still have a beautiful wedding venue!

Emily is a super detailed oriented person that loves boho vibes and romantic tones and textures. She’s the kind of person that printed out pictures and hung them up on her wall to make a real life wedding Pinterest board. All of the glasses, pie plates, vases, rugs, and centerpieces were things she found and thrifted. All of the signs were handmade by her including all the writing, all of which looked phenomenal. I told her she really needed to think about starting an Etsy store, they were that good!

This couple is also so well loved and has so many people close to them in their lives, that of the 40 people invited almost half were in the wedding party. It definitely made taking wedding party photos interesting, as the venue space was so small there wasn’t really anywhere to line up almost 20 people! Thankfully, the building across from the venue had a cool old tin wall that totally fit the wedding vibe that we were able to use.

The whole day was so special and filled with intentional moments. All of the girls got ready together in the house on property, helping each other and hyping each other up. The hair and make up team were phenomenal and everyone looked so amazing. Daniel and Emily opted to wait until the ceremony to see each other, but Emily did do a first look with her bridesmaids and everyone cried. The ceremony was officiated by Emily’s dad and the couple also exchanged personal vows. Dinner was catered by an incredible Taco food truck and the couple shared their first dance and dances with their parents. One of the most special parts of the night was when Emily’s made of honor, Bethany, gave her toast. Beth had asked several of Emily’s friends to describe her in one word and included it in her speech. It was so uplifting and so personal, an amazing moment to their day.

Before dancing opened up the couple cut the pie! Yep- not cake, pie. Julian is actually known for their pie and there were a myriad of flavors to choose from, with a side of cinnamon ice cream. The perfect dessert for a summer wedding! After dancing with friends and family on the dance floor made from vintage carpets, all the guests lined up to wish the couple well and send them off on their honeymoon.




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