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A big part of planning your elopement day is deciding on how much time and how much photography coverage you need. Elopements are incredible because you can do whatever you want all day, but also overwhelming because….you can do whatever you want all day. You’re not confined to the time limits at a venue or […]

Before you dive into this guide, if at any point you feel overwhelmed, just pause! Elopements offer a lot of freedom, but that also means quite a few decisions need to be made. You might think- “Isn’t eloping supposed to be easier and simpler than planning a big wedding?!” Just remember, every decision or choice […]

An elopement in Colorado has no set template, it doesn’t have to look a certain way or follow a specific format. It doesn’t have to include miles of hiking or include being outside all day. The only requirement an elopement day has? To be about the couple. In a world where wedding traditions often dictate […]

Cortney and Wes are avid hikers and backpackers and spending their wedding day in the mountains they loved seemed like a no brainer. They dreamed up a day of epic views and alpine lakes, of feeling no rush and lots of time together. We met before sunrise on a July morning and began our drive […]

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