Woodland Park Elopement- Mandy & Logan

August 27, 2020

Mandy and Loagn were one of the many couples that had been effected by COVID. With things feeling like they were changing everyday, and the future of large social gatherings very unsure, they decided to elope. Not only that, they drove all the way across the country from West Virginia!

When Mandy first contacted me about their elopement, she specified wanting something in the mountains or with a mountain view, but wondered if that was possible in a wedding dress. One of the best things about Colorado are the many different, beautiful locations. If you don’t want to hike, there’s still lots of options! I was determined to find this couple their perfect spot.

About 2 weeks before their date, I went location scouting. When I sent Mandy the video of this location she replied “that seriously makes me emotional! We looked forward to having a wedding so badly so these pictures are going to be the closest thing we have”. My heart hurt for them, but we all agreed with such a beautiful location their day would still be so special.

The day of their elopement the weather was perfect. Blue skies and not too hot, with just enough wind to make Mandy’s dress blow like something out of a dream. All three of us were awestruck by the views and took a moment to soak it all in.

The first thing Mandy made sure to tell me was that they weren’t photogenic. I had to laugh at, because obviously they are both stunning. After the first few photos I showed them off the back of the camera, they changed their mind too. During their photos Mandy and Logan were so sweet with each other and you could just tell this trip and experience meant a lot to them. While doing a photos an older gentleman came walking up the hill and when he saw the couple he told us the story of how he and his wife got married in this exact spot 30 years ago.

While the sun continued to set the newlyweds popped champagne, and even had some cake! We overlooked Pikes Peak and Woodland park and watched while everything lit up with a golden glow.



  1. April Kelly says:

    Your photos are beautiful! Where in Woodland Park did this couple elope?

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