Sunrise Breckenridge Proposal- Priscilla & Matthew

The smoke from the wild fires hung thick, hazy, and blue the morning of Priscilla and Matthew’s session. At first we could barely even see the mountain due to the smoke, but as the summer sun rose, they became a bit clearer. Even with the smoke, the morning was beautiful with golden sun and summer wild flowers. Priscilla and Matthew were visiting from out of state and wanted to get engagement photos done while they were here.

These two actually have a really special story- they were legally married, but didn’t want to miss out on the fun of being engaged.  Matthew is originally from Breckenridge (so jealous) and Sapphire Point is where they had their first kiss! Sapphire Point can be super crowded, but since we were there at sunrise, we had it to ourselves which was entirely magical.

The day before their session, Matthew messaged me separately to tell me he wanted to do something extra special and propose to Priscilla all over again as a total surprised. He said that she already had a ring, which she deserved, but he didn’t get to do the whole surprise proposal before they got legally married and wanted to ask her again. Which, wow. He loved her so much he wanted to marry her twice. That’s beyond romantic.

We started off their session before the sun had even come up. After taking some blue hour photos we headed down to the actual overlook. When it came time for the proposal, everything was perfect. It was in the same spot as their first kiss and the mountains were huge and blue in the background. It was super emotional for all three of us- it was such a special secret to be in on. I gave the couple a few moments alone right after so that they could soak in all the feelings and just be together, and then we continued our adventure as the sun popped up over the horizon.

It was such a special morning, and despite the thick smoke, still totally beautiful.


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