Golden Aspen Moments: A Cozy Breckenridge Elopement

February 26, 2024

If you’ve ever wondered, “how would we even fill a whole elopement day just the two of us? Especially because we don’t want to hike?” then this post is for you. Liz and Steve had an incredible, personal, intentional elopement day, just them and their dog. It balanced activities with being low key and chill, and honestly flew by in about two seconds.

A common misconception about elopements is that they have to be entirely, or even mostly, outdoors, and that’s not true! Especially if you’re staying somewhere you love, including it in your day is an awesome way to include an indoor space. Liz and Steve spent a good amount of time at their cabin, which was perfect for the chilly autumn evening and including non outdoor related activities.

Getting ready

It was the most perfect bluebird Colorado day in September. The aspen color change was well underway, the mountains covered in bright yellow swaths of trees, so vibrant they looked like someone had turned up the saturation. This elopement day was one the three of us had been planning for over a year, and it was so exciting that the weather and leaves had cooperated.

Liz and Steve had found an adorable cabin in Summit County, not too far from their ceremony location. The cabin was surrounded by aspen trees, had tons of natural light, and an amazing deck. Most importantly- it had a pool table. Liz and Steve have traveled all over the world together and no matter what country they were in, pool was their constant, so it only made sense to include it in their wedding day.

As the couple got ready separately, it immediately became apparent how much thought had gone into every aspect of their day. Steve’s bow tie was custom made by a South Carolina based shop frequented by Liz’s family, their rings were done by a jeweler that was also close to the family, they included crystals from their personal collection, as well as many family heirlooms as both decor and jewelry. Everything they included in their day meant something.

One they were both ready and fully outfitted in wedding attire, the two shared a their first look on the expansive deck. It was sweet and silly and perfect. Then all four of us (because of course their pup was coming!) piled into their car and headed to their ceremony spot. Liz’s big request for where they exchanged vows had nothing to do with mountains or lakes, just aspen trees. And so a ceremony spot in a meadow surrounded by an aspen forest was the perfect fit for them.

The ceremony

After a short walk down from the parking area we arrived at the aspen meadow. Liz and Steve set up their ceremony site with a rug from Morocco; a gift from Liz’s parents. They had written their own vows (always makes things more emotional) and finished the ceremony by exchanging rings. Of course Miles was the perfect witness. After the ceremony, they took a few minutes to soak things in. Liz kept yelling “WE’RE MARRIED!!!!!” in excitement, and it was so adorable. They shared champagne and a first dance. It felt like we had the world to ourselves!

The couple’s photos

We all spent some time spent in the aspens and golden sunset light, Liz and Steve in the giddy just married headiness, which is my favorite part of elopement days. While we did do some traditional slightly directed couple’s photos, so much of their interaction was natural that almost everything ended up candid. Its such a great example of how just being excited to be with your partner can translate to pictures that feel real. We then headed back to their cabin for dinner. They had chosen to include on of their favorite meals in their day- pizza.

The celebration

The pizza cutter engraved with their last name and wedding date sliced through the dough, and Liz and Steve enjoyed their first meal as a married couple. Champagne complimented the pizza perfectly. Dinner was followed by a game of pool, enjoying wedding cake, and taking in the amazing full moon. Not a second was rushed, each moment was fully enjoyed, and 7 hours flew by in the blink of an eye.


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