Garden of the Gods Elopement- Sarah and Wesley

Normally, here in Colorado, we get rain in the late afternoon and it only lasts about 20 minutes and then clears up. So when it started to rain around 4pm for Sarah and Wes’s 6pm elopement I wasn’t really worried. But then… kept raining. And raining. The clouds loom ominously and there was thunder and lightning, but the sky showed no sign of clearing. Sarah and Wes were here in Colorado visiting and only had one night for their elopement and we’re willing to brave the rain. Now I love golden hour, a lot, but there was something about the story day that made everything even more epic.

Sarah’s romantic lace dress and long white blonde hair gave her a total ethereal and romantic look which contrasted amazingly with the rough red rock and dark sky. Except for a few minutes of true downpour, the rain mostly let up and was hardly noticeable for most of Wes and Sarah’s photos. Another bonus to the rain? There was hardly anyone else at Garden of the Gods.

I don’t often get a whole hour with the bride and groom, so this session was extra special. Since there were no guests it was truly just a time all about the couple. I loved getting to talk with them and get to capture some truly romantic moments.



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