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You’ve heard all the advice from friends and family. You’ve combed through Pinterest. You might have even flipped through that one wedding planning binder couples always race off to the bookstore to buy. But your vision for your wedding day is too special—too true-to-you—to be found in any premade plan or post.

You want a celebration that feels wild and free, but that also gives you space to slow down and just savor each emotion. You want every moment, every detail, to feel like it was done on purpose and captured with care. You want to toss out the “supposed to”s and discover something new. Something you didn’t even know was possible. That’s what I hope to bring to your Colorado wedding or elopement experience—sincerity, sentimentality, and storytelling photography. 

The experience

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You didn’t want a third wheel tagging along on your first real date. So, why on earth should you invite one into your wedding day?! Third wheels are squeaky, intrusive additions. They shatter the intimacy of a moment. I want to offer you something more.

I believe you deserve a photographer whose presence feels welcome, essential, and seamlessly integrated into your experience. Who drifts with you through the day, encouraging you when necessary, helping when needed, and fading into the background when appropriate. Who has become a trusted friend and brings an added touch of joy to the best day of your life! This is what my Colorado elopement photography experience is most known for! 


The process

Say hey!

The process

Say hey!

To get the adventure started, all you have to do is send an inquiry my way using my contact form. Then, I’ll be in touch with more information and a scheduler so we can book a brief, no-pressure consultation call. 

During our call, we’ll dive into my pricing guide, explore the experience, customize your collection, and answer any questions you have. Let’s make sure you have all the information you need to decide if I’m the right fit to document your dream day!

I can’t wait to get your date circled on my calendar! If you decide we are a perfect match, I’ll send a contract and retainer invoice your way. As soon as you send both back, pop the bubbly because you’ve just booked your photographer!

As soon as you’ve booked, the fun begins! I’ll immediately send you a welcome guide that digs more deeply into the process ahead. I want you to feel in the loop from moment one!

We'll talk all things location, activities, and timeline. Choosing the perfect spot for your elopement or session can be overwhelming. That’s why you won’t have to do it alone! I’ll send you a questionnaire to gather all the information I need to find your perfect location. Then, I’ll create a custom location guide just for you! From there we'll design your perfect day of timeline to make sure we spend time on the things that matter most to you both.

With every i dotted and t crossed, I’ll be in touch two weeks before your big day to make sure you have everything you need and feel completely prepared. We’ll triple-check the location and time and go over any final questions that have popped up since we last spoke.

Believe it or not, your big day is finally going to arrive! And when it does, you’ll feel free to fully enjoy every special moment. I’ll be there to offer a helping hand, overcome any obstacles, and document it all! I can’t wait to give you a massive hug and barely hold back my tears during your vows. 

 I know you can’t wait to see your photos, and I definitely can’t wait to share them with you. I immediately start editing after your celebration so I can send you a ten-photo preview the day after your adventure. Feel free to share them with friends and family as you get a taste of what’s coming next in your full gallery…

Just five weeks after your wedding or elopement, you’ll have a full gallery of immersive, beautifully edited images to enjoy and share. Get ready to relive every moment, re-feel every emotion, and even catch a glimpse of things you may not have noticed on your big day. 

I don't have a specific location picked out, can you help?

Frequently Asked Questions

What if we haven't picked a location yet?

Believe it or not, that’s music to my ears! One of my favorite things to do for my couples,  is help them find the perfect spot for their celebration. So, please don’t feel like you already have to have it all figured out before you say hello!

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I don't have a specific location picked out, can you help?

Frequently Asked Questions

Here’s the thing: we are SUPER awkward in front of the camera. Can you help?

You better believe it! You already have everything you need for beautiful photography—the love you and your partner share! As long as you’ve got that covered, I can prompt and pose you to perfection. We’ll lean into your natural ways of showing affection to ensure nothing ever feels forced or uncomfortable.

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I don't have a specific location picked out, can you help?

Frequently Asked Questions

We don't have a specific date yet, can we still contact you?

Absolutely! I'm here to help you plan and we can talk all about pros and cons of different months and weekdays vs weekends. 

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Perfect for proposals, engagements, anniversaries, or those adorable “just because”es, this adventurous couple’s collection will get you out into the beauty of Colorado while capturing your love story! 

1+ hours of photography
A secure, digital gallery of 50+ images
24-hour sneak peek
3-week full gallery delivery
One outfit change
Wardrobe and location assistance
Permit acquisition (if necessary)
Expert prompting and posing guidance
A whole lot of fun!

The Couple's collection

The Elopement Collection

If you hope to bring the spirit of adventure to a more traditional wedding celebration, this collection is the place to begin. It includes everything you need to preserve a vibrant, 25+ person wedding day without missing a moment!

Starting at 6 hours of photography
A secure, digital gallery of  images
24-hour preview of 20+ edited images
6-week full gallery delivery
Wedding day timeline creation
Vendor recommendations and collaboration
Expert prompting and posing guidance
Second photographer and engagement session included with some collections

The Wedding Collection

Starting at $600

Starting at $3300

Starting at $2400

My signature experience for couples offers the thrill of adventure without all the stress that comes with planning an adventure elopement! I’ll help you and 25 or fewer of your friends and family celebrate your big day in a way you’ll never forget while preserving every moment.

Starting at 4 hours of photography
A secure, digital gallery of images
24-hour preview of 20+ edited images
6-week full gallery delivery
90-page elopement planning guide
Elopement day timeline creation
Curated location guide
Vendor recommendations and collaboration
Story telling imagery
A helping hand throughout the planning process!



“As a queer couple, we felt safe, valued, and important with her. She made sure our day went off without a hitch, coordinating the day with us and helping us make it our own. She really listened to what we wanted and helped us execute the most perfect day.”



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Yes, I'm LGBTQ+ Friendly. Inclusion & diversity matter to me. Feeling loved and supported on your day is for everyone. 

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