Breckenridge elopement- Jeremy & Bailey

The experience of an elopement, but not having to forgo celebrating with friends and family. Wanting to experience both sunrise and sunset. Having time just the two of you, but also getting to hang out with your friends. It is totally possible to have the best of both worlds on your wedding day! Jeremy and Bailey did just that. They planned a sunrise ceremony in Breckenridge, just the two of them, followed by a fancy dinner in Colorado Springs with friends and family.

The couple got ready separately at their adorable Airbnb and we watched as the sky became lighter. We all drank coffee and talked about fall colors. We had our fingers crossed that the leaves would already be changing, but weren’t sure if there were colors yet since it was dark on the drive up. It was so fun spending time with them and their friend Ryan (who was doing Bailey’s hair and make up) in the morning. We weren’t rushed and it felt more like hanging out with friends than anything.

Jeremy left before Bailey got dressed so that they could do a first look at their chosen spot.¬†Bailey and I drove to meet Jeremy while listening to Taylor Swift, shouting with excitement when there were in fact, lots and lots of fall colors. Bailey is a therapist, and the first time we met we bonded over sociology and psychology. I love having conversations with her, she’s quick witted and funny, sweet, but she really makes me use my brain and fully think through things.

When we arrived at their ceremony location Bailey waited in the car while I helped Jeremy get set for their first look. After the first look the couple exchanged personal vows as the sun crested over the surrounding mountains. We explored around and since the morning was chilly Jeremy and Bailey had hot apple cider made with a Jetboil and shared a chocolate croissant. People really underestimate how hungry wedding days make you. All of the emotions and adrenaline make snacks and hydrating super important.

Once we had explored some more and taken more photos it was time to part ways until the evening. Jeremy and Bailey wanted to have a fancy dinner party with close friends and family to celebrate their day so they had booked a room at a fancy dinner/event venue, the Briarhurst Manor. After a couple hours break, we all met up there. We had the most beautiful glowy sunset for their family and friend pictures. Also- wow all of their friends have the most amazing style! Photos were followed by cocktail hour, dinner, toasts, and cake.

Everything was relaxed and focused on spending quality time with the people that mattered most to them.

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