So you're thinking  about eloping...

First of all- CONGRAGULATIONS!!!! This is such an exciting time. Elopements are incredible because they are all about your love story and having a day that truly represents the two of you. 

What is an elopement?

An elopement is a day, an experience, that is about the two of you and your love story. Its a day without the pressure and expectations that can come with a traditional wedding. It can be a day you spend alone together, a day with family and friends included, or a mix of the two. But the most important thing: its about your dream day and doing what you want and what feels epic to you- not anyone else. 

But what about our friends and family?

You can totally include friends and family in part or all of your day! You can opt to do your ceremony with friends and family and then spend the day adventuring with you new spouse. Or you can do the first part of your day alone and meet up with people later for a celebratory dinner! The possibilities are endless!

How many hours should you hire an elopement photographer?

This is totally up to you, but anywhere from 4 hours to all day. I know, I know- WHAT?! But hear me out. This is your wedding day!! You deserve to have the whole day captured. To look back on it and remember every moment. To have the getting ready photos, the detail shots, the first look, the vows, the celebration. Just because you're going a non traditional route, doesn't mean your day doesn't deserve to be remembered in its entirety. These are the photos you look back on for years to come. The ones that 20 years from now keep the memories as fresh as if it were yesterday. 

How much does it cost?

That totally depends on what you're going to include in your day and how many hours you want photography coverage. You can include so many things in your day like a personal chef, or dog sledding, or a helicopter ride and all of that will change how much you spend. Much like traditional weddings you can go all out or there are budget friendly options!

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What do we do all day?

What does your absolute dream day look like? What would you do? What would you eat? Where would you be? Fill your day with things you love. 
Another thing to keep in mind- just like with traditional weddings an all day elopement does not mean an all day posed photoshoot. It means your whole day is captured as it unfolds and all the joy and romance that comes along with it.
With elopements you're not confined to time limits like with a venue so they can start whenever you want. Want to start at 2am and get married at the top of a mountain at sunrise? Lets do it. Rather start at 11am and take a jeep ride to a lake? That's magical too! Dream big and lets make it happen.

Sample timeline (no hike)- 8 hours

1:00pm - Getting ready begins, Sam arrives at rental/airbnb. Photos of couple getting ready separately, detail shots.
2:00pm- First look! Time to soak each other in, cue happy tears.
2:30pm- Drive to first location for ceremony/vows
3:00pm- Arrive to location and decide on perfect spot for ceremony
3:30pm- Say vows, exchange rings!
4:00pm- family photos
4:30pm- Soak it all in, celebrate with your favorite drinks
5:00pm- Family heads back to rental airbnb
5:00pm- Couple and photographer drive to 2nd location
5:30- Arrive at 2nd location, explore area
6:00pm- Golden hour is the best hour, a little more exploring with some amazing sunset photos.
6:30pm- Head back to airbnb
7:00pm- Dinner with family
7:30pm- Toasts
7:45pm- Cut cake if you have one!
8-9pm: Celebrating with family 

Sample timeline (sunrise hike)- 8 hours

330am - Arrive at trailhead begin hike, take photos along the way
530am- Arrive at ceremony location, couple changes into wedding attire
600am- First look!
630am- Ceremony with vow and ring exchange
645- Time to explore the area and take some photos along the way!
745- Celebrate with some breakfast champagne or Irish Coffee
8am- Have a breakfast mountain picnic, soak in all the joy and love
9am- head back to trailhead taking photos along the way
1130am- Arrive back at trailhead, Sam departs

We're not sure what to do. Can you help?

These are just 2 examples of the myriad of options you have for your elopement day! Things will vary based on if you want to include guests, events like four wheeling, or even breaking up your day into two 4 hour blocks for sunrise and sunset! That's part of the beauty of an elopement day- its truly a build your own adventure.

An elopement and wedding photographer based in the beautiful state of Colorado. I adore getting to work with couples because I love to capture love stories. Each one is so unique and different and I strongly believe your elopement day and photos should represent that!
Its my job to make sure you have the most incredible day and remember it with photos you'll treasure forever.

Hey! I'm Sam!

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Absolutely. All elopement packages include planning assistance for this very reason. From location scouting to vendor recommendations to custom timelines, I am here to help make your dream day a reality. Lets have the best day ever and capture some incredible memories along the way!


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